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Libertas   Justitia   Aequalitas

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Descendants Of American Revolution Patriots.org

Honoring American Patriots who valiantly fought to secure our God-given Rights


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The members of the DESCENDANTS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION PATRIOTS (DOARP) are committed to posterity in preserving the principles of Freedom and Liberty for all Americans and to provide the community with Patriotic Principles as set forth by our Forefathers.  We are committed to honoring American Revolutionary War Citizen Soldiers that participated in the War.  The Descendants Of American Revolution Patriots is dedicated to perpetuating the memory of those who, by their Services or Sacrifice, achieved the Independence of the American People.

The symbols of the DOARP are the Revolutionary War Minuteman, the Thirteen Star Flag with canton of five rows of stars – three over two design, and the Fifty Star American Flag.  The mantra of the DOARP is Libertas, Justitia, Aequalitas.  The colors of the DOARP are red, representing the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross and the blood of the Patriots shed on the field, and blue, representing vigilance and perseverance.

The Descendants Of American Revolution Patriots serve members in the State of Tennessee currently and will expand to other States as members are added.

The objectives of the DOARP are patriotic, historical and educational and shall include those intended or designed to: